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Indium’s IP led software test automation services helps companies to meet the test automation objectives at a faster pace and in an effective manner.
Indium software is an Independent software testing company that offers software testing & QA validation services. We adopt unprecedented approach to deliver QA services through manual & automation testing of all kind of Web | Mobile | Desktop application. Inquire Now!
Test & ensure your mobile application compatible across all Platforms, Devices, OS and Browsers with our mobile application compatibility testing services on real devices. Inquire Now!
Indium insists Security Testing has to be a feature that is fully integrated throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and delivery process which ensures detection of errors /faults in the early stage.
Software applications/products have unified security measures, intended to reveal flaws malicious threats in their system.
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Performance testing for Websites, Mobile & Desktop applications, Load testing services allows you to stress test your web-apps & APIs with millions of concurrent that can ensure your app can handle the high demand
Indium Software, one amongst top 4 Game testing/QA Companies, has QA competency on Online, Console, Mobile and Video games. It offers testing services such as Functionality, Usability, Focus Group, Load & Compatibility